We are a group of enthusiasts who believe in "Make in India" and know how beneficial "Deshi Cow Products" can be, therefore, we use, recommend and make available the best Deshi cow products produced in the market to people all over the country.

Since ages, cows have been acknowledged as "Gau Mataa" in our country, this may be because our ancestors knew the benefits of cow products and therefore they kept cows at their homes, right?  It has been proved scientifcally infact that cow products are a lot more beneficial as compared to other branded products, because they don't consist of chemicals, and other harmful products which may harm us in the long run. Its just that no one yet has marketed these products the way big brands do. We love packaging right? Some of the products we buy is due to its packaging itself. This is a part of marketing, we from our side are trying our bit to market these heavily useful products in the right manner such that it reaches a large amount of people all over the country. 

It is definitely your choice to use the products or not, but trust me, you'll find amazing results out of them. Try yourself ! We love hearing back from the people who like the products or have any suggestions, please feel free to mail us, we'll try to improve our products and services to the best we can.